Freed for Freedom

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Jeannie


My children are often enslaved by their own memories, allowing themselves to be held captive by those things which I have set them free from. Even as an awl pierced the ear of a slave who chose to stay with his master because he loved him, so have I chosen to have My hands and feet pierced with the nails of Calvary.  I have loved you from everlasting to everlasting and in order to bring you back to My heart the sacrifice of love had to be made.

The things you knew in your past have been wiped clean by the Blood shed on Calvary’s tree. I have redeemed you and bought you for a price and the purchase was for a redeemed and set free people.  Do not allow the memories of the past to override the joy of what I am doing in your life today.


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Living on a Higher Plateau

I am going to let love be the key that unlocks the door in my heart,that place that wants everything to be just so.

I’m going to cry out “Come into this place, Jesus, flood it with the warmth of Your radiant, purifying love.  Fill me with the glorious, glorious love You have for me.”

And I can imagine running into His arms and being embraced by pure love.

I can see the sparkle in His beautiful eyes as He gazes upon me with such adoration – and somehow I can see that adoration is reflected back to Him.  I can feel the gentleness of His gaze and yet the strength and power in it pierces my heart to the core.  He shows me in that gaze what intimacy with God truly looks like.