My Part, His Part

Recently, I was perusing some things in my circle of responsibility and realized with chagrin, that I had gone beyond the boundaries that had been set.

I quickly sensed that instead of feeling guilty and thinking the “oh no, thoughts, what am I going to do” the wisest thing was to simply repent.

Repent, because wholeheartedly I desire to go the opposite direction and set the compass of my heart so it focuses clearly on Jesus, His Living Word and Presence within me.

When I respond to His Presence with me…no more will I let sin reign, no more will I find comfort and joy in shopping, spending or even scrimping.

I will live, each moment of my days encompassed and enveloped in the Presence of the One Who has promised that He is more than enough, that He will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.

So, this new year, before it has even begun, I choose to seek the glory of God, to chase after Him and to set myself securely upon my Father’s lap.

I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my God is more than enough for me.

Thanks Giving Changes Us

Are you as aware as I am of your need to change and knowing that the only place where that can happen is in the Presence of the Lord?

We come to change, we come to surrender our wills so that we are able to surrender to the greater power of the love of God and begin to love others in ways we have never done so before.

We come to change our world-wearied souls for peace that transforms us. Peace moves us to that place of quiet in our souls where we learn to trust God and we experience deep rest in God. We come to change sorrow for the joy of the Lord.

We come into His Presence sometimes feeling desperate in our need to change – we have read His Word, prayed His Word, but wait! Have we been bold enough to LIVE His Word?  When I do an accounting of my life, I have to admit I do not live it well enough or often enough.

What I want, more than anything is to find my very ability to be alive is in Him.  In Him – in Whose Presence is fullness of joy.  To live my life in the conscious awareness of His Presence with me and to go far beyond head knowledge to that place where the depth of knowing Him is like a vast ocean before me.  And I am in that Ocean held up by Him finding that He is far deeper and far more real than my highest hopes and expectations.

He tells us to “Seek His Face” and we would do so with great humility and diligence if we lived with the awareness that our faces are ever before Him.  Nothing that our “faces” are trying, hoping to cover is shielded from Him. We can hide nothing in our thoughts, attitudes and behaviours from His knowing and yet His love for us is deep and true.  Something we can count on and trust in. 

Therefore, we come into His Presence with the intent of change and yet it is so hard when we realize that we have to work at change.  It is not an automatic shifting from one way of being to another, we have to practise change and consistently choose to do and be the change.

Moreover, when it is so hard and our flesh feels like reeling against all that we know is right, pure and lovely, what must we do?  What are we to do? 

We enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts.  We arrive at the gates with thanksgiving in our hearts because along the way we have chosen to move from that place of angst and begin to look for ways we can be thankful, we speak words of thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving belongs to us before we enter His gates because in cultivating a thanks-giving heart we begin to see the miracles and blessings in the common of our everyday lives.  Our direction and focus changes and even in the midst of turmoil we are still at the gates of the King speaking out our thanks.

We give our thanks in everything and somehow He is able to pull back the cloud and we see the silver lining, we see the unseen benefit, the positive aspect of our experience.  We seek, we speak and we see the miracles!

We have come into His Presence and we have changed, day by day we are learning to let trust replace worry, words of thanksgiving take the place of our lamenting.

Praise has met us at the Courtyard gates – will we take her hand so she can usher us into the courts of the King?  Joy is waiting for us; she is graced with beauty and ready to adorn us with the same. 

Always, the choice remains to us. Will we take the path that teaches us thanksgiving?

Will we come to change, to surrender to Love Himself?

Freed for Freedom

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Jeannie


My children are often enslaved by their own memories, allowing themselves to be held captive by those things which I have set them free from. Even as an awl pierced the ear of a slave who chose to stay with his master because he loved him, so have I chosen to have My hands and feet pierced with the nails of Calvary.  I have loved you from everlasting to everlasting and in order to bring you back to My heart the sacrifice of love had to be made.

The things you knew in your past have been wiped clean by the Blood shed on Calvary’s tree. I have redeemed you and bought you for a price and the purchase was for a redeemed and set free people.  Do not allow the memories of the past to override the joy of what I am doing in your life today.


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Living on a Higher Plateau

I am going to let love be the key that unlocks the door in my heart,that place that wants everything to be just so.

I’m going to cry out “Come into this place, Jesus, flood it with the warmth of Your radiant, purifying love.  Fill me with the glorious, glorious love You have for me.”

And I can imagine running into His arms and being embraced by pure love.

I can see the sparkle in His beautiful eyes as He gazes upon me with such adoration – and somehow I can see that adoration is reflected back to Him.  I can feel the gentleness of His gaze and yet the strength and power in it pierces my heart to the core.  He shows me in that gaze what intimacy with God truly looks like.


Intimacy with God Creates Joyful Hope

Romans 5:3-5  Tribulation produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character produces HOPE!

Hope does not disappoint us because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. 

Hope is what keeps us imagining.  Hope is what causes our dreams to come to pass.  Hope – it gives us a sense of confident expectancy for the future.  Hope – it  improves the quality of our future as our prayer requests are our hopes and dreams for the future – our dreams become our prayer requests. Through prayer we are drawing near to God and bringing those things to Him that are burning in our hearts. 

 Our intimacy with God strengthens our ability to confidently hope  in God and He fulfills and gives us the desires of our hearts!

There is no good thing that He withholds from us – We are just required to keep hope alive, keep hope simmering in our souls. 

 We may not “get” what we are asking for right away because God is wanting to create character within us.  He wants to shape and mold our character in order that the Image of the Son is fully formed in us. When our character, who we are deep inside, is shaped and marked by perseverance, strength to press on comes with the hope that rises in our hearts. 

Hope – it fills our hearts with joyful expectation and causes us to want to walk uprightly before God all the days of our lives.  There will be nothing that hinders the growth of our intimacy with God.

 Do you want to live in that place of hope, peace and rest?  Then enter into the throne room of Heaven and bring all your requests, desires and cares before the One who loves you.  He will hear and answer you.  Let all of your hope and expectation be in Him knowing that He will never fail you, disappoint you or give you a stone when you asked for bread!

Blessing of God

Daily Devotional

I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered, when you run you will not stumble. Prov.4:11-12

The path before you is lush and rich with My blessings.

Run in the way of My commands, submit your ways, your attitudes and behaviours to My way of thinking. They are clear and revealed to you, for your benefit, in My Word.

Your eyes are open, your ears can hear. Let My Words be the treasure of your heart.

Walk freely, walk with joy. There is indeed a rising up for My beloved offspring. You shall fly on the wings of the eagles – I shall carry you and from that height you shall see the green pasture I have you in. From that perspective you shall see Me as the Good Shepherd busying Myself with everything that concerns you.

Be at peace, be still My beloved and know that  I am God and you are Mine.

I love you;

your King of Glory, know that you are the treasure of My heart.

Raising the Bar – Dare to Dream

Are you satisfied with mediocrity and middle of the road or do you long to rise up with wings like an eagle?  As the years go by are you too longing to see restoration and the days of your lives crowned with the loving kindness of God?

Then it is time to raise the bar!  What we believe determines the height of the bar. For a hurdler and a high jumper, their key to victory lies in aiming at that which is unseen to others.  They are looking above the hurdles’s height and the bar’s barricade and in their mind’s eye they have made a successful jump.

We can use this application in every aspect of life.  For instance in our marriages, so often we focus on the flaws of our spouse and harp on those little irritations until they become all that we can see.  They blind us to the beauty and wonder of the love we share.

Peace in our relationships creates intimacy

Love causes us to bless the gifts and talents  in our spouse, a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, and love compels us to live what the Word of God says and call those things that are not as though they were.  We cease looking at the flaw and begin instead to consider the handiwork of God as we speak to and call forth the gifts and talents God has placed in that person.  We continue to bless those gifts because the flaws that are grown out of today will leave room for new ones to sprout and flourish tomorrow!  In other words it is easier sometimes to pick out the worst in someone else than it is to learn to speak the Word of God.  When we do speak the Word, we are truly speaking the language of love.

It is time to shift our focus and become steeped in blessing – the blessing of the Father heart of God, His kind intentions towards us, His amazing, matchless love for us and His glory revealed in us.  Blessing brings healing as the words of life affirm and create in us the Image of Christ in us the hope of glory.  Blessing brings forth worth, unity and a sense of belonging.

When we seek the face of God to receive knowledge of His way of loving, when we seek first the Kingdom of God and understand in our spirits His righteousness, this is raising the bar in our lives for then our actions will be governed  and controlled by His righteous, holy love.

Raising the bar in our lives will look different for each one of us because the “bar” is also the dream in our hearts as well as discovering the dream in God’s heart for us that He wants us to live out so we experience abundance and satisfaction in our life.