About Jeannie Pallett

  About Jeannie:Image of Jeannie Pallett

I am happily married to Bruce and we have two little dogs Shadow and Sasha that we love and spoil like crazy. I have a passion for sharing the tender heart of God whether it be through teaching Bible studies, writing or speaking to groups or connecting one on one over coffee. Bruce and I love to encourage others to enter a deeper walk of faith by connecting more intimately with the King of Glory; the King who beckons us all into a deeper relationship with Himself.  Together we have a blended family of four children and six grandchildren.

One thought on “About Jeannie Pallett

  1. Hi Jeannie,
    I found your bible study on Amazon.com and wondered if you need someone to review it for you. The Lord has prompted me to read and study Psalm 119 as I recover from a broken foot. I would enjoy using your study guide and then giving feedback for you to use if it would be helpful.

    I am a writer, speaker and teacher; you can find me at http://www.jeannedoyon.blogspot.com and http://www.streams-ege.blogspot.com


    Jeanne in CT

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