Freed for Freedom

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Jeannie


My children are often enslaved by their own memories, allowing themselves to be held captive by those things which I have set them free from. Even as an awl pierced the ear of a slave who chose to stay with his master because he loved him, so have I chosen to have My hands and feet pierced with the nails of Calvary.  I have loved you from everlasting to everlasting and in order to bring you back to My heart the sacrifice of love had to be made.

The things you knew in your past have been wiped clean by the Blood shed on Calvary’s tree. I have redeemed you and bought you for a price and the purchase was for a redeemed and set free people.  Do not allow the memories of the past to override the joy of what I am doing in your life today.


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I am very happily married to Bruce and we have two little dogs, Shadow and Sasha. The four of us have a great time as we travel around in our motor coach and love it when we are able to share the heart of God with the people we meet. My latest project has been to revise Beckoned by the King adding my testimony, some extra teaching and nuggets about the book and best of all, Bible study questions are included at the end of each chapter.